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Well its time to clean up the old website a bit... Been meaning to for quite some time now but never
really got around to it. The old site had some links that no longer worked because i was hosting the content on a different site that is long gone..

If you want to go see the old site scope it out here:
the old

Some folks may wonder why i even have a website.. They may think WTF is he doing with these poorly designed pages out here on the internet?

Well the surface may be simple but the backend contains massive amounts of data i have collected over years. Things i can download and view in a flash from anywhere i have a internet connection. Even if this page just said "Herro" in black letters with a white background its use behind the scenes is incomprehensible! I actually started the site back in 2004? or 2005? Only so i could host the music files i wanted to host on myspace when posting or building my profile. So many other reasons to have a site just spawned from that.

Thats in for now..

nitsud quinn