wow! this little color chooser thingy is sick!! What a nice helpful tool! Instead of using the name of a color such as ... red, blue, green, purple,....and so on... just find the color you want to use here with the hex color chooser deal... and then use the complete code it gives you!! code is whatever it puts in the selection box right where it say's triple hex _______ ..hellz yeah... the code will probably start with a # symbol, that's just fine boyee!>> include this wherever you wish to use the color you just selected.. good day... cheerio!!

hex color chooser:            VERY VERY HELPFUL HTML Quick Reference tags!! RIGHT HERE

Hey! if you want a nice quick shortcut for posting shit within html area's, including myspace and within any normal html below

Just edit the text in the text area so it reads exactly what you want to be copied into your html target. Be sure to only edit the url area in text field.. Then click the button to copy that exact text onto the clipboard where it can then be copied directly into any valid html work area. At this point you are probably thinking to yourself WOah!! Slow down ass-hole. I have a couple of questions first! number one,

html? what the fuck is that??

I'm glad you asked.... HTML is a type of computer language used to create webpages.. It may seem very confusing at first but all you have to do is keep a clear mind and understand that with computer code and language sometimes you just have to look carefully and stay focused and realize that the simplest things can either make your code succeed! or fail.,.. do to very minor reasons.. HTML code when viewed as it's completed form in a webpage, will either be something.... or!,... It will be very much nothing... accuracy is key when using this language.. a missing letter a space to many in between object's or picture links can make your output HTML look like nothing.. Take your time, be certain when entering url's and file names.. If you are using my helper page do not edit any of the text posted except for the url area that i noted below..

So let me start showing you a few examples of code..  Check this out..   
This example is a webpage at its most very basic state.  It has just the necessary beginning and ending tags to make it a page.








So understanding the concept of the Start tags and ending tags becomes apparent after seeing the example above.
I think almost all tags have a start and end tag. But one tag that goesaloneisthe   <br>   tag. It is used to skip to the very
next line on the page. Multipule <br> tags can be used  so that you can space your page out the way you want it to look.
So from Here <br><br><br> To here. You would have three spaces between the both of them.
1 space
2 space
3 space

please forgive me... I know it is still confusing but just try real hard and i promise all the info needed is here on this page.. I will be updating as frequently as i possible can... email if you have more questions... I will be happy to answer...
read on ... read on...>>>>>>>>>

The text should look something like this.... This example is what you would use if you wanted to put a picture of some fat bitches into an html file... This is a valid link.. feel free to use it...

example of url---

I will be allowing some of my webspace to be used for hosting files for yourself.. As soon as i can find out how to add a upload utility that i can add to my page that i can have control over so people are not uploading 50 meg files until my webspace and bandwidth is all used up... Boyee!

aRE You confused yet??? pfffffff... You should see how i feel... Here ya go anyway. These are images of exactly where to post text in the text field.. Just incase you are lost...where to place>>>>>what you get after posting.

So everyone pay attention now! Always remember when linking around it is always good practice

To use short descriptive words. example johnny cash_Boy Named Sue.mp3
Cut it toooooo!
If you are anything like me then you should just get used to saving all sorts of stuff too you're root dir..?? am i right?? Screw it! sort with folders and keep shit together... but also enjoy the freedom of knowing a file is accessible with you know like ---- Instead of remembering folders and exact file names.. Toss a renamed copy in your root folder and you will be a happy guy/gal.. PERSON..

Add video in html language

Add Mp3's or .wav files in html language

Add a picture in html language.

my page direct link text

Oh hellz yeah! Put html you would like to test into this window and click view.... You know what happens... ??? Don't You???

This is where the hex code for the background color shows.

This is where the hex code for the font color shows.



  1. Fill out the table with stuff you want to appear on your page.
  2. Click on Generate Source.
  3. Make adjustments if you want in the text area.
  4. Click on View to check out your page.
  5. If you want to save the source as a file you will have to cut and paste to a text editor.

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